Sport Detection School: BLOCK 1- The Beginning of Odor Pays Process

Starting Oct 11 to Nov 29 (8 weeks)

Oct 11, 25 Nov 8 and 22nd are online Lesson 1 to 4: 90 min classroom lectures *will be recorded
Oct 18, Nov 1, 15 and 29 are 45 min Q and A’s and video review sessions *will be recorded

  • Lesson 1 What you need to get started in Sport Detection and understanding the various sports
    Building blocks and Development stage
  • Lesson 2 Intro to odor (Odor Pays) Communication of Odor.
  • Lesson 3 Odor Discrimination procedures and games
  • Lesson 4 Intro to Basic hides and simple Searches


  • Working Spot: This attendee type gets to submit video reviews and get coaching based on those reviews. $397
  • Audit Spot: This attendee type only gets to participate in classes and Q&A’s. (NO VIDEO REVIEWS) $250


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