Canine Cognition Seminar

canine cognition

This class is based on the research Cameron Ford has conducted with Duke University. This class is for everyone, and all dogs 6 months and up regardless of if you do detection or some other dog sport or if you are a professional looking to enhance how you select dogs for Police or Security work. A handler or trainer learning cognition testing enhances your knowledge about the dog in front of you, making you better at communicating and understanding your dog.

These Cognition tests (Brain Games) help you learn crucial information such as, is your dog strong in memory, is the dog a problem solver, how quick does it make inferences? Additional things these tests show are, does the dog easily follow gestural communication and what is your dog's laterality? If you are a Law Enforcement Agency or Security Firm, these tests help you select a better, more trainable dog. In conjunction with the normal K9 selection and evaluation steps agencies use, adding these K9 Brain games to your evaluation raises the percentage of dogs successfully picked to be working K9’s. Using these tests have proven to increase selection percentages of the right dogs for your program and it has also proven to reduce training time needed to get dogs ready and on the road.

If you do Agility, Mondio Ring, PSA, Nose/Scent work, or anything else... The information from these games help you understand your dog better and how to set up training sessions that get the most out of your dog.

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Event NameLocationsPricehf:tags
Canine Cognition in Vermont at CloverField K9 May 10-12vermont
Canine Cognition Seminar at MES Santa Rosa CA May 31-Jun 2, , $295.00$495.00
california ford-k9 santa-rosa
Canine Cognition in Arapahoe County Aug 5-7, arapahoe-county colorado

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