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Event NameLocationPricehf:categorieshf:tags
Detection K9 Handler 160 Hours: September 5th - 30th, 2022$3,500.00detection-k-9-handler-courselas-vegas
Detection Dog Trainer Course: September 12 to 30th$3,500.00detection-dog-trainer-courselas-vegas
American Tactical K9 Conference in Muskatatuck, IN Sept 26th to 30th, conferencesindiana muscatatuck
Odor Pays and Canine Cognition in Australia Oct 3rd to 19thcanine-cognition-seminar power-of-fundamentals-seminaraustralia
Odor Pays Seminar: Oct 21-26, 2022, odor-pays-detection-skills-building-problem-solving power-of-fundamentals-seminarcanada saskatchewan
Odor Pays "Handler Skills" (4 day workshop) Ross, Ohio Nov 1 to 4odor-pays-handler-skill-building-and-communicationross-ohio
Nosework Skills: November 5th and 6th 2022$300.00nosework-skills-seminarlas-vegas
K9 Detection Summit (Pat Nolan, Simon Prins, and Cameron) at Joint Forces K9 in AR Nov. 7 to 11, conferencesarkansas joint-forces-k9
Canine Cognition Seminar in Seattle Nov 11-13, conferencespennsylvania pittsburgh
Canine Cognition: December 2nd to 4th 2022$200.00$400.00canine-cognition-seminarlas-vegas
Odor Pays "Detection Development” in Shelby NC with Howard Young Dec 9 to 11odor-pays-detection-skills-building-problem-solvingshelby-north-carolina
CNCA Canine Conference in Sacramento CA Jan 15 to 18, conferencescalifornia sacramento
CSDT 1: (Sport Detection Trainer) Jan 23 to 27 at the Michael Ellis School, $2,300.00csdt-1micheal-ellis-school sonoma-ca
Canine Cognition Testing and Instructor Class in Geneva, Switzerland Feb 1-5conferencesswitzerland
Odor Pays “Power Of Fundamentals” in Shelby NC Feb 17 to 19conferencesshelby-north-carolina
Georgia Police K9 Foundation Spring Seminar in Statesboro, GA March 6-8, conferencesgeorgia statesboro
Odor Pays “Detection Skill Development” in Grand Junction, CO March 20-22, conferencescolorado grand-junction
Odor Pays “Power of Fundamentals” in Vermont Mar 31-Apr 2conferencesvermont
CSDT 1: (Sport Detection Trainer) Level 1 April 3rd to the 7th 2023$2,000.00csdt-1las-vegas
Canine Cognition Seminar in Seattle WA April 14-16, conferencesseattle washington
CSDT-2 (Canine Sport Detection Trainer Level 2) in Calgary, Canada April 24-28, conferencescalgary canada
Blueline Police K9 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA May 2-4, conferencespennsylvania pittsburgh
Detection Dog Camp in Geneva, Switzerland May 17-21, conferencesgeneva switzerland
Odor Pays “Detection Skill Development” in Henderson NC June 2-4conferenceshenderson-north-carolina



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