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Event NameLocationPricehf:categorieshf:tags
Detection Dog Club: May 19, , $35.00$180.00detection-dog-clubcalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Sip and Sniff at MES May 25, , $65.00$100.00sip-and-sniffcalifornia michael-ellis-school santa-rosa
Canine Cognition Instructor Class at Michael Ellis School May 29-Jun 2, , $600.00$1,000.00canine-cognition-instructorcalifornia michael-ellis-school santa-rosa
Canine Cognition Seminar at MES Santa Rosa CA May 31-Jun 2, , $295.00$495.00canine-cognition-seminarcalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Detection Dog Trainer Immersive Class (Cameron Ford and Michael Ellis) Jun 3-14, , $4,000.00detection-dog-trainer-coursecalifornia michael-ellis-school santa-rosa
Puppy Cognition Audit: June 7-9 2024, , $250.00puppy-cognition-seminarcalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Communication System for SAR K9 (Rules and Rewards) with Florian Schneider June 17, , $55.00$175.00seminarscalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Indication for Detection and Tracking Dogs with Jens Frank June 18-21, , $300.00$400.00seminarscalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Working with High and Low Motivation with Florian Schneider and Michael Ellis June 18-19, , $125.00$300.00seminarscalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
"How to get your dog to search more Independently‚ÄĚ with Florian Schneider June 20-21, , $300.00$400.00seminarscalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Learning a systematic search (ON and OFF leash) with Jens Frank June 24-27, , $300.00$400.00seminarscalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Bark Indication for SAR K9 from Basics to Deployment with Florian Schneider June 26-28, , $300.00$400.00seminarscalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
"Overview of Directional Detection" with Jens Frank June 28, , $55.00$175.00seminarscalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Detection Dog Club: June 30, , $35.00$180.00detection-dog-clubcalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Canine Cognition in Prescott AZ July 12-14canine-cognition-seminarprescott-valley-arizona
Canine Cognition Seminar in Los Angeles with Oscar Mora and Cameron Ford July 12-14, 2024, $200.00$400.00canine-cognition-seminarcalifornia los-angeles
Colorado K9 Conference July 29-Aug 1, 2024, conferencescolorado denver
Canine Cognition in Arapahoe County Aug 5-7, canine-cognition-seminararapahoe-county colorado
Odor Pays Power of Fundamentals Aug 8-10, power-of-fundamentals-seminararapahoe-county colorado
Detection Skill Development in Australia Aug 26-28, 2024odor-pays-detection-skills-building-problem-solvingaustralia
Detection Skill Development in Australia Aug 30-Sept 2, 2024odor-pays-detection-skills-building-problem-solvingaustralia
Canine Cognition in New Zealand Sept 6-8, 2024canine-cognition-seminarnew-zealand
Detection Advanced Skill Development in Australia Sept 10-12, 2024odor-pays-detection-skills-building-problem-solvingaustralia
WSPCA RENO Sept 22-27, 2024, conferencesnevada reno
Odor Pays: Skill Development at K9 Protectors in New Jersey Oct 7-9odor-pays-detection-skills-building-problem-solvingnew-jersey
Odor Pays: Power of Fundamentals at K9 Protectors in New Jersey Oct 11-13power-of-fundamentals-seminarnew-jersey
Bay Area K9 Bash with Ricky Nov 12-13, 2024, conferencescalifornia san-francisco