NV. PILB #2914

"Proven and Reliable Training....based on Knowledge and Experience"



Ford K-9 provides industry-leading training based on experience and proven academic knowledge. 


From police and security K-9 to sport nose/scent work, Cameron ensures that K-9 teams apply clear communication, understanding, critical-thinking, and trust when working their dogs. Our courses & seminars are broken down into segments: K-9 development, Handler development, and Trainer development.  We ensure that each segment contains the best and most up-to-date information & training available.

Ford K-9 conducts training using cognitive, methods that not only benefit the dog in training but also enhances the relationship between dog & handler. We want the trainer & handler to "know the dog” not just “trust your dog”. Our relationships with Duke University, Texas Tech University, SciK9, and more, give us the ability to provide our clients and students with the most well-rounded education in the industry.

Cameron Ford has worked with and trained dogs for the best programs in the world, from Sr. Trainer to a U.S. Navy SEAL dog program to being a Police/SWAT officer K-9 Handler, Trainer and National Level Police K-9 Evaluator and his collaboration and research with Duke University and Texas Tech University Canine Olfaction Laboratory... Ford K-9 provides the highest quality training and education available.