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Is this Interest or Alert?

In this webinar Bill Gaskins and Cameron Ford discuss the common issue handlers have in reading their dogs and that is my dog just showing interest in something or...


Putting Theory into Practice

This webinar is by Bill Gaskins and he discusses various detection dog theories and how to put some of those into practive with your dog.


Handler Responsibility “Are we helping or hurting the dog in the search”

What are the Responsibilities of the handler, how much do we help and do we help too much and create a dog who needs us?



The F.O.R.D. Process


Foundation, Fundamentals, & Focus.

We teach the importance of mastering the fundamentals of detection, knowing these and maintaining them creates an incredible foundation in the steps of odor detection.

Utilizing these creates a dog with superior focus during indication on odor.


Odor recognition & Understanding.

We teach the importance of odor recognition to target odor in all kinds of circumstances.

We also educate on odor & how it moves, how to properly store your training aids, & how to read your dog when they are working on odor.


Reliability & Readiness.

Following our training and education program ensures that you and your dog are a reliable team, and you can have confidence when working your dog.

You will also be ready to face whatever situation you are put in with confidence.



Following all of these principals will ensure that you and your dog excel in any detection discipline that you choose to pursue whether that's narcotics, explosives, cadaver, electronics... you name it and we can teach it.


Live classes primarliy in Santa Rosa, California for Professional Handlers, Trainers, and Sport Enthusiasts.


Live seminars held around the US for Professional Handlers, Trainers, and Sport Enthusiasts.


Check out our world renowned pocast for beginners and experts: K9s Talking Scents.

FREE Video Series:
"Cameron Ford's Most Frequently Answered Questions"

Is your dog missing odor? Should you reward on real searches? Should you use food as a reward? Learn the science backed tips from Cameron Ford's years of training with the Navy SEALs, SWAT, and scientific research with major univserites.

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The Art of Detection Seminar at Global K9 Protection Services in Tennessee Feb 29- Mar 3art-of-detection-handler-skills-and-communicationtennessee
Puppy Cognition: March 8-10 2024, , $250.00puppy-cognition-seminarcalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Detection Dog Club: Mar 17, , $35.00$180.00detection-dog-clubcalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Sip and Sniff at MES Mar 30, , $65.00$100.00sip-and-sniffcalifornia michael-ellis-school santa-rosa
Detection Dog Club: Apr 6, , $35.00$180.00detection-dog-clubcalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa
Puppy Cognition Seminars in UK with Georgie Armstrong Apr 10-24puppy-cognition-seminarunited-kingdom
NAPWDA Conference Tampa May 5-8, conferencesflorida tampa
Canine Cognition in Vermont at CloverField K9 May 10-12canine-cognition-seminarvermont
Detection Dog Club: May 19, , $35.00$180.00detection-dog-clubcalifornia ford-k9 santa-rosa



Upcoming Events

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