Problem Solving your Detection with Florian Schneider

This lecture focuses on detection, troubleshooting, and problem-solving in detection dog training. Florian Schneider discusses the main goals of detection work, the ABC behavioral analysis, algorithms for failure, and the key behaviors and causes of problems in detection work. He emphasizes the importance of understanding criteria for reward and consequence and tailoring them to the specific needs of the dog and the training context. Schneider also highlights the need for clear communication and consistency in training to prevent and address problems effectively. In this conversation, Flo Schneider discusses various aspects of training detection dogs. He emphasizes the importance of reset and positive reinforcement in training. He also explains how to handle situations where the dog does not locate the target or keeps searching. Flo provides examples and videos to illustrate his points and offers solutions to common problems that may arise during training. He encourages handlers to prepare for success and be aware of their own actions that may inadvertently reinforce unwanted behavior. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights and strategies for training detection dogs and covering Progression Plans for training.


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