“Working with High and Low Motivation” with Florian Schneider and Michael Ellis Video Lectures

Motivation is one of the keys to successful training and communication.  Working with your dogs, natural motivation levels and how to properly regulate them is one of the most important aspects in your training.

Michael Ellis and Florian Schneider discuss techniques for training your dog with various motivation levels, from low to high. They go over the pros and cons to various techniques as well as helping you develop plans to effectively capitalize on these levels to enhance your dog’s training.

Florian Schneider from Kynotec – Austria, Europe

Florian is a dogtrainer and operational doghandler focusing on detection and SAR and on all the all the associated subjects such as functional obedience, laser directionals, selection of dogs, puppy raising, helper, handler and instructor training. In his company he works with different law enforcement agencies and several fully professional and voluntary SAR organisations in Europe. Also he runs his own podcast called „Kynotalk“ in English and German.
Before becoming a full time dog trainer, Florian worked several years as a paramedic (Notfallsanitäter in Austria) and was part of a command staff of a disaster relief unit.


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