Communication System for SAR K9 (Rules and Rewards) with Florian Schneider June 17

Communication System for SAR K9 (Rules and Rewards) with Florian Schneider
June 17 6:30PM

The following questions will be answered in this seminar: 

  • Reward vs. Reinforcer – what we really need! 
  • What are useful primary reinforcers, how can we excel their value for the dog? 
  • How can we integrate secondary reinforcers (markers / reward announcements) in a smart and effective way? • And why does it make sense to use a whole bunch of different possibilities of reward delivery to gain the best possible progress in dogtraining? 
  • How classical and operant conditioning play hand in hand focusing SAR K9 and detection training. • Getting better dogs in the two key behaviors of SAR dog work: Search behavior and TFR (SAR: Barking indication OR „bringslen“ / refind) 

The most important thing about the theory of learning, training methodologies etc. is a functional reward system. There  is no modern day dog training without powerful reinforcers.

About the trainer  

Florian Schneider from Kynotec – Austria, Europe 

Florian is a dogtrainer and operational doghandler focusing on detection and SAR and on all the all the associated  subjects such as functional obedience, laser directionals, selection of dogs, puppy raising, helper, handler and  instructor training. In his company he works with different law enforcement agencies and several fully professional and  voluntary SAR organisations in Europe. Also he runs his own podcast called „Kynotalk“ in English and German. 

Before becoming a full time dogtrainer, Florian worked several years as a paramedic (Notfallsanitäter in Austria) and was  part of a command staff of a disaster relief unit.


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