“Overview of Directional Detection” with Jens Frank June 28

“Overview of Directional Detection” with Jens Frank
June 28 6:30pm

Remote detection – Sending the dog with laser and/or verbal cues in order to be able to search objects or areas at a distance from the handler.

About Jens Frank 

I have a position as Associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. In my position at the university, I work as a scientist and also manager of the government ́s large carnivore management dog teams. In addition to being responsible for the program I am also working as a dog handler with the main task to be a resource for regional authorities in high-conflict situations with large carnivores, for example brown bear attacks on humans. I am also one of the founders of the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute (SWDI) where I do operational search for narcotics and explosives and train other instructors and dog handlers from different authorities. I also select and train regular detection and patrol dogs from start to finish as well as dogs for special purposes as camera dogs, attack dogs and remote detection dogs. 



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