Training the All-Clear, and Blank Searches Webinar

Training the All-Clear is a valuable technique in a detection canines toolbox. The All-Clear and its related Go-No-Go and blank searches allow flexibility in the canine’s expectations when entering a search. By reducing the stress and frustration of not finding odor, we can provide the canine with alternative behaviors rather than a false response. The reduction in frustration also aids in the increase of search duration and lowers over-arousal. Additionally, trainers may need an option to test if their canine recognizes or generalizes to a specific target odor; the All-Clear allows the canine to have an option to communicate to you that its target is not present. In this webinar, Paul Bunker will provide insight into his methodology and protocols for utilizing and training the All-Clear response. He will describe the protocols he employs to introduce and maintain the All-Clear during the canine team’s training and operational search sequence. Paul will provide the attendee with a clear understanding of how he achieves the All-Clear response in training and carries this forward into operational deployments.

The webinar will be recorded. If you purchase access you’ll be able to watch the webinar as many times as you’d like after the live event through our website. The recording will be uploaded in 24-48 hours after the live event. You can access it here afterwards.



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