Training Holes: How to be Ready as a Handler

Congratulations – you finished training or just got certified.  But what’s next?  Are you ready to handle what will be asked of you on unknown searchers or in a real deployment?   This webinar will cover potential holes in your training to help you become a better team.  As we venture from the training environment to unknown searches and real-world deployments, there are areas outside of testing parameters thats you need your dog exposed to in order to be successful.

Tim Houweling has been a professional dog trainer for nearly 20 years and is a former Investment Banker and CPA. He is also a paid Fire Captain and Paramedic. In addition to certifying 6 of his own Search & Rescue dogs, Tim has trained hundreds of Service Dogs and pet dogs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tim has deployed to numerous disaster zones and dozens of wilderness searches. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree from the Harvard Extension School. He was recently a guest on the Ford K9 podcast, K9s Talking Scents, episode 95, “The Reality of Search and Rescue.”

Fire Captain and Paramedic
Canine Coordinator: FEMA California Task Force 3
Canine Search Specialist: FEMA California Task Force 3
Canine Evaluator: FEMA Instructor:
FEMA Canine Search Specialist
Course Instructor: multiple California State Fire Marshal Courses

Yosemite Search & Rescue Dogs (YODOGS)
California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA)

SWAT Team Member: Tactical Medic



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