Reducing False Alerts with Paul Bunker

Reducing False Positive Responses in Detection Through Clear Communication

Providing your canine with clear odor communication is critical to your success as a detection dog trainer/handler. Clear odor communication starts at the commencement of training with the imprinting phase but continues throughout the canine’s detection career. One issue often encountered by teams is false positive alerts, often termed false responses. In this webinar, Paul Bunker will provide insight into his methodology and protocols for imprinting, which, in his experience, reduce the occurrence of false responses. He will describe the protocols he employs to prevent false responses from being part of the training and operational search sequence. Using lessons learned, including case studies, Paul will provide the attendee with a clear understanding of how he achieves a near-zero (0.14%) false response rate during research trials where the canines investigate 700 presentations of odors and carries this forward into operational deployments.



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