Knowledge and Skills Detection Dog Workshop with Simon Prins, Dr Nathan Hall and Dr. Paola Tiedemann: Jun 20 to 24, 2022

This Comprehensive 5 day Workshop with Simon Prins, Dr. Nathan Hall, Dr. Paola Prada-Tiedemann and Cameron Ford will have 2 days of lectures and 3 days of hands on practical with some of the best subject matter detection dog experts in the business.  If you work or compete with a detection dog you do not want to miss this workshop.  Classes will cover the important aspects of handler and dog communication, how canines work odor, what are the complexities of odor, science and data for detection dogs, motivation and drive manipulation, handler skill assessments, search strategies, training aid care and storage, problem solving ands much more. This is for SPORT or PROFESSIONAL Detections dog teams. So if you are Police K9, SAR K9, Bedbug Detection, Conservation Detection, if your dog is trained to detect ODOR, this Workshop is for you!!!

*Working spots are very limited and we will be reviewing all applicants to ensure we have mix that works so all can learn.

$400 – Audit Spot
$950 – Working Spot


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