Indication for Detection and Tracking Dogs with Jens Frank June 18-21

Indication for Detection and Tracking Dogs with Jens Frank June 18 to 21 9AM to 5PM

A reliable indication is critical for detection and tracking dogs. In this course we will train the dogs to perform a passive indication, you decide if your dog should sit, stand, down or just freeze. The course fits if you want to train the dog to indicate articles (e.g. tracking dogs or scat detection dogs), or just odour (e.g. narcotics or explosives).
When you sign up for the course you will get access to the SWDI training app (for Android and iPhone) and the progression plans for training the indication. The more time you can allocate to use the progression plan for training before the actual course, the better. This way we can address issues you have encountered and take the next steps instead of starting from the beginning.

About Jens Frank

I have a position as Associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. In my position at the university, I work as a scientist and also manager of the government ́s large carnivore management dog teams. In addition to being responsible for the program I am also working as a dog handler with the main task to be a resource for regional authorities in high-conflict situations with large carnivores, for example brown bear attacks on humans. I am also one of the founders of the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute (SWDI) where I do operational search for narcotics and explosives and train other instructors and dog handlers from different authorities. I also select and train regular detection and patrol dogs from start to finish as well as dogs for special purposes as camera dogs, attack dogs and remote detection dogs.


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