How To Train Low Amounts Of Odor Webinar

In this webinar, Stu Phillips will discuss methods and training strategies for teaching your dog to identify and react to low amounts of odor. This webinar is essential for all detection dogs, focusing on their ability to detect and approach subtle odors without becoming overly sensitive or (fringing) to average odor levels. Discover techniques to enhance your dog’s  detection skills, particularly for locating minimal and trace amounts of odors, while ensuring clear communication and understanding between you and your dog. Includes Q and A session at end of webinar.

About Stu: Stu is a renowned canine specialist, recognized with multiple awards for his expertise in various detection dog disciplines. He has contributed to numerous research initiatives in canine detection and olfaction, including Conservation Canine projects. In his diverse professional roles, Stu serves as a handler for His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and Trading Standards. Alongside these responsibilities, he is also involved in selecting and training dogs for a broad range of detection programs globally.



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