Hot to Trot: Harnessing Arousal in the Sport Detection Canine

This webinar was from June 21, 2023 @ 6pm PST. You may now purchase the recordings.

You may have experienced a similar situation; You bring your canine to the start line and instead of having a calm, focused partner, you have a maniac pulling on his leash, barking and looking around, unable to focus on the search. He might be hyper fixated on something in the environment, or this could just be his general arousal level at the moment. Either way, you have a canine that can’t think or learn, and attempting to train or trial at this moment is futile.

This workshop is intended to shift our mindsets about arousal in our sport detection canines. They need to be somewhere along the spectrum of arousal for our searches, so eliminating arousal isn’t a helpful strategy. This workshop will provide advice, mitigations, and skills for trainers to work with over aroused or over excited canines.You will learn to help your canine regulate their arousal and gain skills to support your canine so you arrive at the startline with a focused partner.

*These strategies will also be helpful for those canines who need to raise arousal; however, the webinar examples will focus primarily on over arousal.



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