Odor Pays: Power of Fundamentals

Power of fundamentals (1)
This seminar focuses on the most important aspect of detection, the foundation. We do drills focusing on communication, reinforcement, handler timing, odor recognition, commitment to odor, and duration of indication.  We also cover Proofing of handler, environment and non target odor. Like anything else from professional sports to any skills… you ALWAYS have to work on the foundation and fundamental skills... Detection is no different.
This Seminar will cover the first 3 steps of the Odor Pays system.  These steps are critical in the development of a detection dog.  These same 3 steps are also important to any level of a detection teams from basic to advanced.  These foundation steps are used to work on various problem solving aspects many detection dog teams face.  This seminar is for ALL SKILL levels (New to Advanced)

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