Detection Dog Trainer Course

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This 120hr (3 week) Class is a comprehensive curriculum covering:

  • Detection K9 Selection
  • Canine Cognition Testing
  • Odor Chemistry and Storage
  • Odor Imprinting
  • Detection maintenance training, problem solving and fundamentals
  • Working with the Human end of the leash
  • Records Keeping
  • Legal Considerations
  • And more…

All Students work hands on with dogs to learn the process of starting a dog on odor and how to problem solve various types of dogs. Also all attending Trainer class also work with new handler teams to also navigate the skills of working with handlers. This class will have you prepared to work in the role as trainer and give you the foundation of skills for this position.

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Detection Dog Trainer Course: Jun 13-Jul 1, 2022$3,500.00
Detection Dog Trainer Course: September 12 to 30th$3,500.00
Detection Dog Trainer Course: October 17 to Nov. 4th$3,500.00



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