Do you enjoy working and competing with your detection dog?
Do you compete in Nosework or Scentwork?
Would you like to add an odor like the professional detection dogs?
Would you want to see how your dog compares to other detection dogs and compete on the same playing field?

You can compete as an individual or join the Detection Dog League play.

Detection Dogs trained in the following categories can all compete together at one event against each other in the same disciple and the winners of each group compete in the Detection dog OPEN (Top Dog Final)
Detection Dogs trained in any of these odor categories:
  • Clove
  • Gun oils
  • Gun Powders
  • Tobacco
  • Pyro (Potassium Nitrate)
  • Human Remains
  • Antler Shed
  • Bedbug
  • Digital Media (SD and Thumb drive)
  • Narcotics
For example if your dog currently competes in Nose or Scentwork on Essential oils but now you want to try something new... you can... maybe add Tobacco, Digital Media, Pyro, Gun oil or one of the others.
I already know there are 1000 questions or more swimming in your head… how can this be done??? how can this be fair??? and so on. There will be plenty of details coming about this and how its done… Good thing it has already been going on in the UK for a while and now I am bringing it here to the USA.
  • Many want to detect more than just essential oils (now they can)
  • Many want to compete Sport vs Professional (now they can)
  • Many want to compete as a group and a team vs team (now they can)
  • Many want rules that make sense and are FAIR (now they can)
  • Many want a new challenge and solve a detection puzzle (now they can)
  • Many want to just have FUN with their Detection dog (now they can)

DDT Program Rules and Bylaws coming soon (Feb 2022). We want input from YOU so complete the information below so we can start getting interested parties set up and in the system so as we get the information out to all of you we know how best how to reach you.

Coming soon!
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