Detection Fundamentals Simon Prins

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Detection Fundamentals Simon Prins

Simon Prins Part 1 (2hr 13min) Fundamentals of Detection Communication) This lecture focuses on human learning and communication and how we use these skills to be better at training our dogs and fellow handlers.


Detection Knowledge and Skills Collection (6 Lecture Bundle with Nearly 12hrs of Lectures and Information)

Our "Detection Knowledge and Skills Collection" includes the following 6 online courses as a bundle. You can purchase all individually for $99 each, or buy the bundle and save over 26%! Purchase includes:

  • Dr. Nathan Hall Principles of Learning Part 1
  • Dr. Nathan Hall Operant and Olfaction Part 2
  • Lab vs Labrador Dr. Paola Tiedemann
  • Understanding and Working with Odor Dr. Paola Tiedemann
  • Detection Fundamentals Simon Prins
  • Foundation and Problem Solving Simon Prins


Simon Prins Lecture on Detection Fundamentals: Lesson 1 Communication and Learning