Art of Detection:
Understanding The Detection Process

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During this three-day seminar, we will delve deeply into the fundamental principles of contemporary detection training, aiming to scrutinize the knowledge we impart to our canine partners. It raises questions about whether our dogs truly grasp the nuances of odor and how they will encounter it in real-life operational or trial scenarios. We will explore whether unintentional contextual cues have been inadvertently introduced during training, potentially overshadowing the importance of the target odor. Our goal is to seek a clearer and more effective approach to enhance communication in detection training and emphasize the pivotal role of odor in our instructional framework.

The seminar will encompass the following key topics:

  1. Evaluation of the Most Common Detection Training Methodologies (Pros and Cons)
  2. Effective Communication Strategies, including the use of Conditioned Reinforcers
  3. The Role of Behavioral Economics in Odor Detection
  4. Discerning Between Contextual Clues from Training and Real-world Situations
  5. Striking the Right Balance Between Envisioning a Trained Final Response and Ensuring Consistently Predictable and Reliable Pre-Indication Behavior
  6. Emphasizing the Significance of the Act of Searching
  7. Establishing a Solid Foundation of Fundamentals and Preparing for Operational and Trial Readiness

*This seminar is suitable for participants of all skill levels and across various disciplines. The primary emphasis of this seminar is on education. Consequently, the allocation of working spots each day will be determined according to the specific topic covered on that particular day. This means that the frequency of participation for dog and handler teams may vary depending on their training level and proficiency, allowing for a tailored learning experience.

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