Art of Detection:
Handler Skills and Communication

Art of Detection Handler

This three-day seminar places a strong focus on the handler's role and development. Throughout the seminar, we will delve into essential aspects of effective communication, precise criteria, impeccable timing, understanding body language, and how to assess and analyze your search environment critically. The seminar will also cover the establishment of effective search strategies in a wide range of environments, enhancing your skills as a handler.

Furthermore, we will highlight one of the pivotal aspects of being a handler: your ability to interpret your dog's signals and communication methods. You'll gain insights into how your dog chooses to interact with you and communicate.

Additionally, we will explore the dynamics of handler-dog relationships. This involves assessing whether you are meeting your dog's needs, understanding your dog's unique learning style, ensuring your dog remains mentally and physically enriched, and preparing it for detection work and successful collaboration with you.

This Seminar will cover the following topics:

  • How to get to know your dog better
  • Relationship fulfillment and how to be a better team
  • Enrichment building for detection and communication
  • Clear Criteria and Communication (how to adapt when needed)
  • Enhancing Handler Observation Skills (Situational Awareness)
  • The Intersection of Technology and Detection

*This seminar is suitable for participants of all skill levels and across various disciplines. The primary emphasis of this seminar is on education. Consequently, the allocation of working spots each day will be determined according to the specific topic covered on that particular day. This means that the frequency of participation for dog and handler teams may vary depending on their training level and proficiency, allowing for a tailored learning experience

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