Detection Dog Trainer Immersive Class (Cameron Ford and Michael Ellis) Feb 20-Mar 3

This 80hr course is instructed by Cameron Ford and Michael Ellis.  In this class during week 1 we will be covering selection and preparation of detection dogs across various breeds, cooperative play, play development, impulse control, building a conditioned reinforcer, search development and intensity and intro to odor. Week 2 we will cover Indication to odor, Odor discrimination, Variable Reinforcement schedules, Detection economics, search techniques, obedience for detection dogs, K9 supervision and legal considerations, Detection Dog standards and evaluations and more.
This class is for ALL Professional Detection Dog Handlers- Police K9, SAR K9, Bedbug K9 and more
Location: Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers Santa Rosa, CA
When: February 20 to March 3
Price $6000
*Rooms available onsite – to book a room contact


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