This course is an 160 hr comprehensive curriculum that trains K-9 handlers using the most current methods in the K-9 industry. Our partnerships with Duke University and Texas Tech University allows handlers attending this course to learn the best, most reliable methods of K-9 handling and communication. Our training provides all students with real-world experience for the best education possible. All students will work hands-on to learn how to handle and read dogs in detection work. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion. This course covers the following topics: Canine Safety / Canine Maintenance / Canine First Aid / Canine Cognition / Classical & Operant Conditioning / Marker Training / Factors that Affect Scent / Odor Chemistry / Science of Odor / Search Strategies / Explosive Safety & Identification / Detection Maintenance Training / Problem Solving / Legal Considerations​​

Detection K-9 Handler Basic Course 160hrs