This is an 80hr comprehensive curriculum that trains K-9 Trainers/Instructors using the most current, academic and experienced based methods in the K-9 industry, and builds off of our level one and two courses. Our partnerships with Duke University and Texas Tech University allows those attending this course to learn the best, most reliable methods of K-9 training and communication. Our training provides all student Instructors with education on how to work with handlers, K9 Selection, how to set up Unit training as well as K9 problem solving skills, K9 Unit management (Liability, Certifications and Record keeping). As we all know this is not just about training dogs but training and managing people is one of the most important skills. Additional topics we cover are Legal considerations, K9 program management and Unit Supervision. All students will work hands-on to learn how to train and maintain dogs in detection work. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion.


*This class is designed for Program Managers, Unit Supervisors and Trainers, or handlers with 3 or more years of experience*

CPDT: K9 Manager/Instructor Course


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