Building the trust momentum is just like anything else with trust, it is done step-by-step and builds with time. It requires letting go and allowing the other half (in this case your dog) to work and navigate the various search problems. In detection work, it starts with communication and setting up basic and simple training situations for which to build upon these foundations, becoming more complex but also being in tune with your dog and understanding what he might be trying to tell you. This is done using the following steps: Establish clear communication (build a marker that you choose) / Simple steps that allow for quick reinforcement / Build power to odor through adversities / Increase variables and change context of where odor is contained / Add distractor and proofing odors / Blank search (NO ODOR)-what is your dog showing you / Decrease what handler knows / Increase dog search area include more variables and TIME / Controlled negative searches (unknown) / Single and double blind / Power of variable reward.


Like anything else, this is a journey; there will be progress and there will be setbacks, but following this formula and having PATIENCE will create a great bond and search success!!

Building the Trust Momentum Seminar